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Puja Shah

I believe children are our future leaders and have invested most of my career and now family energy into healing, educating and loving children. I believe that by helping others in need, we create a cycle of spiritual and community development into true awareness. I feel honored to be part of Kids For Peace and serve in its magical and beautiful mission for children around the world.
  Education B.S. (Adelphi University, NY) and D.M.D. (Tufts University, MA)  
  Work Experience General dentist for children from 2009 to 2012 and then a yoga instructor for adults and children from 2011 to current. Also freelance author and blog co-founder/writer of www.chaimommas.com.  
  Training 200 hour Adult Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and certification and two Next Generation Yoga Teacher Trainings and certifications for children. Clear Correct Orthodontic training and certification.  
  Hobbies yoga, reading, writing short stories and poetry, reciting spoken word, dancing, traveling, loving, giving  
  Interests nature especially the ocean, exploring other cultures, children, spirituality  
  Favorites my goddess daughter, Laila Devi  
  Achievements Opened a sustainable dental clinic in rural Uganda through a non-profit organization and by being on ground/on site.  
  Personal Desire To increase awareness of global issues pertaining to women and children’s rights.

  Wish for the World The bodhisattva of compassion: om mani padme hum.
“Being and non-beings proliferate loving compassion and indivisible intelligent equanimity; Om Mani Padme Hum. That is the natural ubiquitous pervasive force of consciousness. These frequencies are in the Sanskrit tongue, act as a harmonic sound resonance against blocking energy, or sleeping energy. Plants reflect this action as well because of the phonetic strength of vibration that is stimulated by natural pronunciation.” - H.H. Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

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