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2010 Kids for Peace Book Project
Wish Big: Children's Wishes for the World

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2008 Kids for Peace Book Project
Peace through Our Eyes:
A Book of Hope and Inspiration

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WISH BIG is a collection of vibrant and inspiring artwork by Kids for Peace members, illustrating their wish for the world. The contributors are children ages 3-11, representing Kids for Peace chapters around the world.

WISH BIG features dozens of children's wishes/illustrations, such as:

"I wish for peace in all things."
- Shivani Parmar, age 9

"I wish our earth was free of pollution." - Tenzindavaa Negi, age 8

"I wish that everyone could be friends and not bully each other." - Daniell Pahm Nguyen, age 8

"I wish everyone could close their eyes and know they're in a safe place." - Richelle Mah, age 9

"I wish that children around the world had a warm bed to dream in." - Skye Mirandon, age 11

This thought provoking book is sure to delight and inspire all ages.
Peace through Our Eyes was inspired by one simple question, "What does peace mean to you?" In this beautifully illustrated book, children wisely answer that question. This truly is a work of hope and inspiration.


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