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What is a Peace Hero?
A Peace Hero is a well-recognized role model chosen by the Kids for Peace children. A Peace Hero lives by the words of our Peace Pledge. A Peace Hero contributes in a positive way and inspires us each to be our best self. A Peace Hero makes our world a better place.
While Ben Harper is best known for his award winning musical talents on stage, he is a man who plays a larger than life role behind the scenes to champion human rights, and act compassionately to make peace possible. Our children were absolutely delighted to present the 2014 Peace Hero Award to the man who wrote and performed “With My Own Two Hands,” the song that was played at our very first Kids for Peace meeting and set in motion an avalanche of peacebuilding goodness. Mr. Harper embodies the essence of our Peace Pledge through his thoughtful songs about the state of humanity and culture, helping others, and always believing that one person can make a difference. His determination and perseverance have paid off as he continues to make the world a better place with his own two hands.

Mr. Harper, in his family’s legendary music store, accepted the award with humility, grace and humor. Upon receiving his trophy, Ben said, "It is so motivating and inspiring, that first of all an organization like this exists. And the fact that Kids for Peace would connect with what I do is a sign that what I am doing, and the way I am doing it, is somehow on the right path. I'll never forget today."

Congratulations Mr. Harper!

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