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“I really appreciate Kids for Peace for all the work you are doing and for celebrating diversity. ...Keep doing what you love. You’re doing really good work.”

"These kids are the real deal and I applaud the work they are doing.”

Tony Hawk,

Skateboard Phenomenon

“I am so thrilled that Kids for Peace is awakening kids to the part they can play in creating a new world that is ecologically sustainable, socially just and filled with love, peace and joy for all.”

Jack Canfield,
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul and full series, Featured Teacher in “The Secret”

“Kids for Peace is a brilliant expression of the hope that has arrived for all children and all people. Congratulations to these wonderful kids. Support them and Join them.”

Lynne Twist,
President, Soul of Money Institute, Author, The Soul of Money

“Thank you Kids for Peace, This is just “what the world needs now”!

John Gray,
Author Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Media Star

“Kids for Peace is the Universe’s opinion that life should go on.”

Alex Mandossian,
Heritage House

“Seeds, water, sprouts, sunshine, growth, fruit. SEEDS! This represents the power of KIDS FOR PEACE. – I am Grateful for Powerful Seeds!”

Lee Brower
Founder, Empowered Wealth, LLC

  “There is nothing more important in our world than peace. I honor these children who are brave enough to spread this special message.”

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE
Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace (website)

“Kids for Peace… “What a Country”…”What a Concept”.

Yakov Smirnoff,
Comedian, Stage and TV Personality

“The Care and awareness demonstrated by these children is more than inspirational… it is a picture of our future.”

Howard Martin,
Executive Vice President, Heart Math, LLC

“Kids for Peace is one of the most touching and inspirational messages I’ve seen in years. Literally, “from the mouth of babes”, comes a message ALL adults will do well to heed!”

Blaine Bartlett,
CEO/Avatar Resources, Inc.

“Kids for Peace, I rejoiced inside and was so moved to see children with such inner wisdom, purpose and joy, reach out to bring peace to the world.”

Timothea Stewart

“Kids for Peace is doing something amazing. They are raising awareness for all people to behave with Love and respect for mother earth. When adults “catch on” and shift their practices, to what these kids are doing, we will have created a sustainable future.”

Steve D’Anunzio,
President, The Enlightened Entrepreneur

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