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Shiners GE Kids for Peace School of Kenya Project

Following the successful completion of our Bucks for Beds project, the community of Mikai, Kenya invited Kids for Peace to participate in an exciting peace through education initiative. Kids for Peace is proud to support the children of the Shiners GE Kids for Peace School of Kenya, a pre-primary school for kids 3-8yrs old in Mikai, Kenya. We support the school by helping pay the school fees of the 160 children attending.

Sponsor a Rafiki Amani
For only $50.00, you can provide your Rafiki Amani with 1/2 their tuition, a new uniform and breakfast for one year. Sponsors will exchange photos to foster not only support but the bond of friendship and personal connection that makes our Global Friends Program special.

What is Rafiki Amani?
In Swahili Rafiki means friend and Amani means peace.

Why only half the tuition?
The school is working to support the children and the community by fostering strong community participation and pride in education. Providing ½ the tuition lets our families be partners with the Kenyan families to support their desire to educate their children by making it affordable.

What else does the school need?
Kids for Peace knows student support is only a first step in making this school successful. In addition to providing our Kids for Peace curriculum, Peace Pledge, and peace education materials, we are exploring other ways we can be supportive. Keep checking back for new opportunities to help.

How does the money get to the students?
We are proud to partner with Rieko Kenya, a local NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), to help us implement, monitor, and evaluate the program. Executive Director Jill McManigal oversees all aspects of the program while the founder and staff of Rieko Kenya are responsible for the logistics, implementation, and execution of the program, including the payment of school fees and delivery of supplies.

May I send letters to my Rafiki Amani?
Yes, we will provide you a physical address to send correspondence. The children at the Shiners GE Kids for Peace School of Kenya will be supported and encouraged to communicate with you.


SPONSOR a Rafiki Amani

Name to Be Shared w/ Rafiki

A certificate with the name and photo of your
Rafiki Amani will be emailed to you.

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Peace through Education
In 2000, world leaders set universal primary education as a Millennium Development Goal to "ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling." Through education, children are empowered to combat the cycle of poverty, providing them with a means of achieving personal peace and with tools to promote peace and development in their communities.

Today, 69 million children are still unable to attend primary school, down from 109 million in 2000. Almost half of those unable to receive an education are in sub-Saharan Africa, in communities like Mikai, Kenya. Kids for Peace believes that children are the way to a brighter future, and we are honored to help support universal access to education through our Rafiki Amani Project.

Read more about the Millennium Development Goal #2.

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