Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.

Henry James

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a minimum number of meetings?

No. Guided by our mission, we ask that our chapters complete at least 3 projects a year including:

  1. A Community Service project such as helping in a community food kitchen, participating in a park or other environmental clean-up, or arranging a food/clothing drive.
  2. A Global Friendship project such as sending out a batch of Peace Packs, engaging in a Pen Pal project, or reaching out to another other culture in a meaningful way.
  3. A Thoughtful Acts of Kindness project such as The Great Kindness Challenge, Peace Day Challenge or Peace of My Heart project.

It’s also a good idea to build in an introductory/refresher and planning meeting at the beginning of each year.

Each project could be a single “event” or may include a number of meetings comprising planning and implementation.

2. Is there are minimum or maximum number of members?

No. We have chapters with 3-4 members … and chapters with thousands of members! Generally, Neighborhood Chapters are smaller than School chapters, often starting with one or two families. This is wonderful because it reflects the grass-roots way that Kids for Peace itself started! School chapters vary greatly in size, depending on the population of the school and the format of the School chapter as classroom-based, grade level, lunch club or school wide.

3. Do I need a co-leader?

Each chapter needs one adult leader. Many chapters also have one or more co-leaders, but this is not mandatory. It can definitely help to have an extra set of helping hands and working with a co-leader can add extra fun, but it’s up to you and your chapter to decide what works best. Co-leaders can sign up when the chapter is first registered or can apply at any time after the chapter is launched.


For U.S. based Neighborhood chapters and some U.S. Affiliate and U.S. School chapters, there is an online background check to become a Chapter Leader. The process for one leader is included in the application fee. Co-leaders are asked to pay $15 to cover additional background checks.

4. Can our chapter have a youth leader?

Each chapter is required to have one adult leader. We encourage and welcome interested youth (under 18) to assist as youth co-leaders. A youth interested in being a co-leader must be a registered member of their chapter. The youth leader will be recognized as a co-leader of the Chapter on our Chapter Directory.

5. Are there registration fees? What are they used for?

U.S. Chapters are asked to pay a one-time registration fee of $50 or $250, depending on the type and size of the chapter. There are no registration fees for International chapters.


U.S. Neighborhood chapters = $50

U.S. School chapters = $50 (less than 50 members) or $250 (50+ members)

U.S. Affiliate chapters = $50 (less than 50 members) or $250 (50+ members)


The Chapter Registration fee goes towards the set-up process (including an online background check for up to one adult Chapter Leader), hardcopy of the Chapter Leaders’ Manual, copy of “Wish Big” Kids for Peace book, some other small welcome goodies, and access to ongoing support and online materials.

6. Are there membership fees? What do they go towards?

Members of U.S. Neighborhood chapters are asked to pay annual membership dues of $20 per youth member. This can be waived in cases of financial burden. The membership dues go to Kids for Peace Global to maintain the chapter support function and tools, and to assist in the maintenance and development of Kids for Peace programs.


Chapters are welcome to charge a separate “chapter membership fee” which is retained by the Chapter and can be used for project materials, venue rental (if needed), snacks etc. However, we want to “create PEACE for one and all” so children are not to be excluded based on inability to pay.

7. How are KfP Chapters funded?

Each Kids for Peace chapter is financially independent from Kids for Peace Global. Kids for Peace provides inspiration, curriculum, and connections to engage young peacebuilders. We are not a financial aid organization. It is each chapter’s responsibility to fundraise to sustain its activities, including project materials, t-shirts (optional), etc. Every chapter is different and we honor your ability to know what will work best for your chapter. Our Chapter Leaders’ manual contains suggestions for funding ideas, including:


  • Chapter dues (separate to the annual Membership dues paid to Kids for Peace Global) collected at a frequency that works for your chapter (every meeting, monthly, yearly, etc.)
  • Donation jar at each meeting
  • Holding a fundraiser relevant to your local community
  • Applying for youth empowerment, peacebuilding & education focused grants
  • Sourcing in-kind donations

8. What ages of children are involved? Can I focus on a particular age range?

Membership is open to children of all ages! The majority of our members are aged 4 to 11. We offer project and curriculum adaptations for young teenagers/middle-schoolers (aged 12-14) and older teenagers/high-schoolers (ages 15-17). Older children are also encouraged to take on leadership roles within the chapter.

Many of our chapters mix children of different ages. Other chapters, particularly classroom or grade-based school chapters, focus on a particular age range.