Kind Coins Campaign

Through the annual Kind Coins Campaign, we mobilize youth to join together for a unifying service project to help a community in need. We invite you to check out the various campaigns and the far-reaching impact our global citizens and compassionate philanthropists have created!

2021-2022 Kind Coins for Peru

Students helped bring laptops to students in a remote village in Peru.

136 students and 6 teachers now have laptops, can resume schooling and have access to additional educational resources.

Claudia made a wish to get laptops for children in a neighboring Peruvian town. The children of El Guyabo were not able to attend online school during the pandemic because they did not have the technology. Claudia wanted to do something about this, so she enlisted the help of kids around the world.

Students participating in The Great Kindness Challenge heard her wish, collected money, and made the wish come true! This uplifting video shares the joy of the 136 students who received those laptops.

When we all work together, we can make big things happen! Kindness matters!

2020 Kind Coins for Mexico

Students are building a school and friendship center in Tijuana, Mexico.

Due to COVID-related delays as well as change of government, The Kind Coins for Mexico friendship center building project has been delayed. We are committed to working closely with our partner in Tijuana to see the project through to completion. We have already completed much needed upgrades such as building a fence around the school, re-furbished the existing classrooms and secured much needed supplies. We look forward to sharing the completion video of this life-changing project! Thank you.

2019 Kind Coins for Liberia Campaign

Students built a health clinic in Liberia.

In 2018, students met Solomon, whose community was greatly impacted by the Ebola crisis. His dream was to have access to heath resources, so that his family,  friends and the entire community can be healthy and strong.

Thanks to the generosity of students in more than 120 schools, we are proud to celebrate the built of the much- needed health clinic in Paynesville, Liberia. We invite you to watch the video of the finished health clinic which now serves hundreds of families.

2018 Kind Coins for Hurricane Relief Campaign

Students built playgrounds in response to the devastating 2017 hurricane season.

Leading with kindness and compassion, the students & families who participated in The Great Kindness Challenge wanted to help. The idea of building new playgrounds at schools in hurricane-impacted communities in Texas, Puerto Rico and Florida was born. More than 80,000 students participated in this campaign and demonstrated how everybody has a role to play in creating a kinder world. Hasbro, Inc., through its BE FEARLESS BE KIND philanthropic initiative, matched the funds raised, to ensure all playgrounds could become a reality.

2017 Kind Coins for Pakistan Campaign

Students built a school and peace center in Loralai, Pakistan.

In 2017 students met Dua, a 10 year old Pakistani girl who courageously spoke on behalf of her community which did not have a safe school or access to quality education. Thanks to the extraordinary students from 157 schools, the Kids for Peace school and peace center was officially opened in October 2017. Since then, over 350 students have been enjoying this beautiful peace-centered school.

2015 – 2016 Kind Coins for Kenya Campaign

Students built a school in the remote village of Mikei, Kenya.

Through an eye-opening yet joyful video story, students learned about Magi, her community and her dream of a new school. Students across the nation joined together to raise #KindCoins to make this dream of a new school a reality. The school was officially opened in August, 2016 and since then has been serving 180 students, providing them with a foundation for life-long learning. The video of the finished school was shared with all students celebrating the beautiful new school and the power of kindness and collective action!