Kindness Unites Paperchain

(formerly known as Linked By Love)

1 million links of love & hope to unite the world and set a Guinness World Record

We invite the entire world to come together to share messages of love & hope while making the world’s longest paperchain ever! Link by link, we will demonstrate that we truly are connected and we are all in this together!

2 Ways to Join Us:

  1. Individuals: Create as many links as you can and mail them to Kids for Peace HQ at 1302 Pine Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA. New Due Date: postmarked by February 28, 2021.
  2. Schools: Create a schoolwide paperchain, mail or deliver it to us and be part of history! Learn more & sign up to participate as a school.
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Kindness Unites Paperchain Campaign Details


We will set a new Guinness World Record by creating a 110+ mile inspirational paper-chain. We will collect 1.5 million links of recycled/reused paper each with a message of love & hope for the world. Once “social-distancing” is lifted and it is again safe to gather in groups, we will assemble our Kindness Unites Paperchain. After the chain is officially measured for the Guinness World Record, we will distribute sections to hospitals, senior centers, libraries and more as a beautiful reminder that we are all #LinkedByLove!


Everyone in the entire world is invited to create links for our global Kindness Unites Paperchain!


Links for the paperchain must be postmarked by February 28, 2021.


Links for the paperchain will be mailed or delivered to Kids for Peace Headquarters:

Kids for Peace, 1302 Pine Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA

How To Create Love Links

It’s easy! Please follow the steps below:

1. Gather Recycled/Reused Paper – Let’s be mindful of the environment. We plan to make the entire paper-chain from recycled or reused paper. The weight of the paper should be thin enough to easily mail/bend and thick enough to create a sturdy link in the paperchain.

Suggested materials: cereal/food boxes, craft paper scraps, brown paper shopping bags, large mailing envelopes.

2. Measure & Cut Links – Each strip must be between 11 inches  – 18 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. You may make as many links as you’d like. There is no limit per person!

3. Decorate Links with Love & Hope – You can get as creative as you’d like as you share messages of LOVE and HOPE for the world, however we ask that you avoid gluing 3-dimensional objects that may create waste/litter when assembled. Use markers, paint, crayons, sharpies, pencils or pens. We will feature many of the links on our website and on social media to inspire the world.


4. Place Your Links In An Envelope – You may fold the links in half if needed to fit in your envelope.  DO NOT turn your links into a chain – we will assemble the chain once the “social distancing” mandate is lifted. There is no form necessary to accompany the links. (We want to eliminate as much paper waste as possible!)

5. Add An Optional Donation – If you’d like to help support Kids for Peace, we invite you to slip in a dollar bill with your links. Donations are not required to participate, but greatly appreciated to help support our two programs: The Great Kindness Challenge and The Peace Pledge Program. If you’d  like to send a tax-deductible check, please make it out to: Kids for Peace. Thank you! Thank you!

6. Mail Your Links to Kids for Peace HQ – Put the finished links (and optional donation!) in an envelope addressed to Kids for Peace. Please include your return address on the envelope so we can track where all the links are coming from. Add the necessary postage.

7. Optionally, click HERE to stay informed of the Guinness World Record progress and to let us know that your Love Links are on their way!

Did you know that we have already set one Guinness World Record?! It’s true! In 2015, thanks to over 180,000 participants of The Great Kindness Challenge, we set a world record for the “Largest Collage of Kind-Hearted Handprints.” We blanketed the halls of a Dignity Health Glendale Memorial Hospital, joyfully uplifting the spirits of their patients and patients’ families!

See photos here

With your help, we know we can do it again!