The Global Friends Program

In an effort to create a more peaceful world, we encourage our youth to connect with children in countries outside of their own.  We do this through various projects including Kind Coins Campaigns, You Are Loved Backpacks, and responses to humanitarian crises.

The Peaceful Pen Pal Project

15,482 youth from all 50 states and 75 countries have been participating in this good, old-fashioned letter exchange. We are celebrating the vast friendships and the joy this project has brought to our youth.

Kids for Peace School of Kenya

Kids for Peace School of Kenya is in the remote village of Mikei. The Kids for Peace community has been proudly supporting the Mikei community for the past 11 years!

In 2016, through our Kind Coins for Kenya Campaign and with the help of hundreds of caring students across the country, we built a brand new school! Over the years, through our volunteer trips, we brought solar electricity to the school, designed a playground, built a school kitchen and even dug a deep water well for the entire community.

We are excited to share that the school is expanding to offer full primary school education for 174 children, ages 310. We invite our caring community to sponsor students at the Kids for Peace School of Kenya!

Kind Coins Campaign

We empower youth to become global citizens and compassionate philanthropists. The Kind Coins Campaign, is a unifying service project to help a community in need.

With help of Kids for Peace families and our Great Kindness Challenge participants, we built a school in Kenya, school and peace center in Pakistan, playgrounds for hurricane affected communities, health clinic in Liberia, brought laptops to students in a remote village in Peru, and through our most recent project we are raised funds to remove plastics from our oceans.

We invite you to check out these life-changing campaigns by watching the joyful and inspiring videos. Smiles guaranteed!

Peace Packs & You Are Loved Bakpacks

Kids for Peace youth are all about global and local service. Recognizing the needs of others, developing empathy and putting that compassion into action is the premise of the Peace Packs and You Are Loved Backpacks projects.

“Peace Packs” are hand-painted knapsacks filled with school supplies, toiletries, a toy and a personal note of friendship for friends in need, whether they are near or far.

Response to Humanitarian Crises

Whenever there is a humanitarian crisis in the world, our caring youth responds. From raising funds, through sending uplifting notes to creating videos with uplifting messages of love & hope, we stand by the victims of the tragic natural and man-made disasters.

Love for Ukraine

Love for Syria & Turkey

Kind Cards for Wildfire Relief in Paradise, CA

Kind Coins for Hurricane Relief