Peaceful Pen Pals Class to Class Project

Thank you so much for your interest in the Peaceful Pen Pals Class to Class Project! Now more than ever, we need to help our students unite in kindness, love, acceptance and compassion.

We are so happy to offer this hand-written letter exchange opportunity to your class.

When you sign up for the Peaceful Pen Pals Class to Class Project below, you will have 2 choices for what kind of classroom you would like to be connected to:
  • If you request a Domestic (US) classroom, we match your class with another class of the same grade, close to the same number of students (+/- 5 students) and (if available) from a different US state.
  • If you request an International or Domestic classroom, we prioritize the International request. However, because the number of requests that come from inside the US is far greater than the number of requests that come from outside the US, we will match your class with whichever is FIRST AVAILABLE –International or Domestic.
*** PLEASE NOTE: Choosing the International option will require more postage to send letters and will result in longer periods between sending and receiving letters. ***
Once you are matched, we will follow up via email to introduce you to the teacher of your matched class. We will give clear directions and next steps to get your letter writing exchange started.
The time it takes to find a match for your class will vary based on the class size/grade/location of the teachers requesting a match at the time of your request. If 2 weeks have passed and you haven’t heard from us, please check your SPAM folder. You may follow up with Meg at to check the status of your match.
As a participant, please understand:
  • Your class is making a commitment to writing letters to other students; not doing so will result in an entire class of disappointed children. If something comes up where your class is no longer able to participate, please email so that we may connect your class’ pen pals with another class.
  • The accuracy with which you fill out the online sign-up form and subsequent class roster is very important. Please double check you have typed the correct email address and your complete mailing address into the form so that the letter exchange is possible.
  • You are responsible for acquiring the postage needed to mail your students’ letters in one large envelope to your matched class.
We are so happy your class will be part of this meaningful project and look forward to making friendship connections between youth all over the world!