Gratitude Gifts for Delivery Drivers

Our delivery drivers are working extra hard to ensure we have the products we need during this COVID-19 social distancing. Let’s thank them with a basket of goodies to choose from.

In our basket, we included bottled water, organic oranges, Chocolate CRUNCH bars and rolls of toilet paper. Go ahead and get as creative as you’d like! Below are a few fun ideas to get you started.

Wrap up a roll of treasured toilet paper with a note that says, “We like how you roll!”

Add a note to a treat:

– Chocolate CRUNCH bar – “You’ve helped us in a CRUNCH. Thank you!”

– Starbursts – “You are a STAR! Thank you.”

– Bag of Sunchips — “Thank you for bringing SUNshine to our lives with your deliveries!

Whatever you do, just do it with LOVE!