Happy Birthday Party Parade

Birthdays are so joyful! In this time of social distancing, we invite you to coordinate a car parade for friends or family members who are turning another year older.


1. Reach out to your network to gain interest in joining you in a car parade to celebrate someone’s birthday on a specific day and time.

2. Message those who express interest with details on where exactly to meet and what the parade route/plan will be. Remind everyone to stay safely in their cars.

3.  Decorate the outside of your car! Tape on posters, banners, crepe paper, pom poms and any other happy decorations you already own.

4. Right before the parade begins, text or call the birthday person’s home and invite the birthday person to safely step outside.

5. As the parade starts, use noise makers, megaphones, bells, music or your lovely singing voices to express your joy in celebrating your friend/family member.

6. Depending on the route, make 2 or 3 passes by the birthday child’s home, sharing your love and well wishes.

7. Head back home with a full and happy heart!

Check out this joyful video of a Happy Birthday Party Parade for James, our beloved Kids for Peace member!