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Thank you so much for your interest in teaching kids to become lifelong peacebuilders!
As a chapter leader, you join a global community of likeminded parents, educators and NGO leaders who inspire kids to tap into their innate wisdom to foster peace.
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Whether you start a chapter in your neighborhood, classroom, school, club, or organization, you are making an immeasurable impact. Because of you, kids will discover that they can use their own gifts to make the world a better place throughout their entire lives.

To best support you in fostering kids’ confidence, respect, problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence and global citizenship, we provide you with the following resources for FREE:

  • Adaptable Peace Pledge curriculum
  • Digital peacebuilding toolkit
  • Chapter Leaders’ Training
  • Ongoing support from the Kids for Peace Team
  • Global cross-cultural collaboration opportunities
  • Bi-monthly newsletters
  • Private Chapter Leaders’ Facebook page
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