This  let’s make Nicole’s wish come true.



I wish for a safe world where
we can all be friends.

– Nicole, 8 years old, Tijuana, Mexico

Let’s make Nicole’s wish come true by building a new school and friendship center in her neighborhood.

Nicole is a bright and vivacious girl with a smile that lights up the world. She and her family are among the thousands of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from Mexico and Central America who have settled in Tijuana. Living in a town that borders the USA and with drug-related violence prevalent in her neighborhood, Nicole wishes for safety and unity. To make that wish come true, we will build a much needed pre-primary school and friendship center in Nicole’s neighborhood.  The friendship center will be a safe place where children on both sides of the border can gather to learn, build bridges and make new friends.

Why #ButterflyWishes?

Inspired by the transformative spirit of the butterfly, we will create a beautiful art piece to hang in the friendship center. For every donation of $25 or more, a butterfly will be painted on the canvas in your honor ($25 = extra small butterfly, $50 = small butterfly, $100 = medium, $250 = large butterfly, $500 = extra large butterfly). To witness the progress of the masterpiece, live updates of the painting will be shared on Facebook. Be sure to check it out on Tuesday, December 3rd.

Double Your Impact – Donations Up To $15K Generously Matched!

Between now and December 3rd our goal is to raise $15,000 to set the foundation of the school and friendship center. Now is a perfect time to support Kids for Peace – because your gift will have TWICE THE IMPACT! All donations up to $15k will be generously matched in memory of Kids for Peace Co-Founder’s brother, the beloved Jay McManigal.

Wishes change lives. Check out other wishes we made come true.

We’ve already made many children’s wishes come true: a school for Magi in Kenya, a school & peace center for Dua in Pakistan, playgrounds for Jax in the USA, and a health clinic for Solomon in Liberia. Now, let’s do the same for Nicole!

Solomon’s Wish For a Health Clinic

We are in the process of building a much needed health clinic in Paynesville, Liberia. The clinic will be officially opened in November 2019 and we can’t wait to share the celebration video with all 120 plus schools that have made Solomon’s dream of a community health clinic a reality! Learn more.

Appeal Video

Jetstream Jack’s Wish For Playgrounds for Hurricane Impacted Communities

Students built four playgrounds in response to the devastating 2017 hurricane season. Leading with kindness and compassion, the students & families who participated in The Great Kindness Challenge wanted to help. The idea of building four new playgrounds at schools in hurricane-impacted communities in Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida, and Louisiana was born. More than 80,000 students participated in this campaign and demonstrated how everybody has a role to play in creating a kinder world. Learn more.

Appeal Video

Video of The School

Dua’s Wish For A School & Peace Center

Students built a school and peace center in Loralai, Pakistan.In 2017 students met Dua, a 10 year old Pakistani girl who courageously spoke on behalf of her community which did not have a safe school or access to quality education. Thanks to the extraordinary students from 157 schools, the Kids for Peace school and peace center was officially opened in October 2017. Since then, over 350 students have been enjoying this beautiful peace-centered school. Learn more.

Appeal Video

Video of The School

Magi’s Wish For A School

Students built a school in a remote village of Mikei, Kenya. Through an eye-opening yet joyful video story, students learned about Magi, her community, and her dream of a new school. Students across the nation joined together to raise #KindCoins to make this dream of a new school a reality. The school was officially opened in August, 2016 and since then has been serving 180 students, providing them with a foundation for life-long learning. Learn more.

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Video of The School

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